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Bowring Marsh Power and Utilities Market Update
Bowring Marsh's power insurance market update looks at power, property, casualty and terrorism insurance markets, as well as power generation risks.... >>
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Adviser: Is Your Property Underinsured?
Marsh has prepared this Adviser document to explain the impact of underinsurance, common calculation errors and the importance of professional valuations. ... >>
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Video: EMEA Insurance Market Report 2014
Watch video interviews with Marsh experts from the EMEA region discussing the insurance market trends highlighted in this year's EMEA Insurance Market Report.... >>
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World Economic Forum: Global Risks 2014
The World Economic Forum’s global risks report examines 31 global risks and evaluates them in terms of concern and potential impact.... >>
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Adviser: Preparing Your Business for Winter
Marsh Risk Consulting's Adviser document highlights how advance preparation can help mitigate winter weather impacts on your operations and business continuity.... >>
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EU Adviser – Data Protection Regulation
Following a vote by the EU's Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice & Home Affairs, far-reaching data protection regulation is a step closer to being introduced.... >>
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Building the Case for Modernising Business Interruption Insurance: Marsh
According to Marsh, risk management and transfer need to improve organisational resilience, as firms grow more exposed to disasters and business interruption.... >>
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International Conflict Tops List of Global Risks in 2015
Geopolitical and societal risks dominate the World Economic Forum Global Risks 2015 report.... >>
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Marsh Executes On Commitment to Rapid Expansion of Marsh Analytics Platform
Enhancements to the Marsh Analytics Platform enable clients to quantify and manage risk financing; demonstrate firm’s commitment to deploy analytics globally.... >>
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European Trade Credit Insurance Claims Expected To Rise in 2014: Marsh
Trade credit insurance claims are expected to rise in EMEA in 2014, as more firms experience cashflow restrictions as they capitalise on economic growth.... >>
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Board Ownership of Cyber Risk Lags Behind Understanding of Threats
Board-level ownership of cyber risk remains low despite growing awareness and understanding of the threats among firms across the UK and Ireland.... >>
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Falling Property Rates Drive Global Insurance Price Fall in Q1: Marsh
Softening property insurance rates contributed to a decline in global insurance rates in Q1, according to Marsh’s Global Insurance Market Quarterly Briefing.... >>
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Favourable Conditions Continue To Prevail For EMEA Insurance Buyers
Marsh's annual Europe, Middle East, and Africa Insurance Market Report finds favourable conditions prevailing and economic pressures spurring innovation.... >>
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Global Insurance Pricing Declines in Fourth Quarter: Marsh
Latest Global Insurance Market Quarterly Briefing says insurance rates declined in the fourth quarter of 2013; US the only region with higher renewal rates.... >>
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Worsening Wealth Gap Seen as Biggest Risk Facing the World in 2014
World Economic Forum Global Risks 2014 report: The chronic income gap between the rich and poor is most likely to cause damage globally in the next decade.... >>