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Mining Risk Reporting: Emerging Trends in an Evolving Risk Landscape
The period 2005 to 2015 was one of intense change for the mining industry. New risks have been posed by technical innovation and frontier investments, and traditional risks continu... >>
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Demand for Transactional Risk Insurance Hits Record Highs in 2015
Demand for transactional risk insurance continued to increase during 2015 across all regions as investors looked to reduce deal risk.... >>
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Can Energy Firms Break the Historical Nexus Between Oil Price Falls and Large Losses?
Over the past 20 months, oil prices have fallen by about 70%. Historically, sharp declines in oil prices have led energy companies to scale back on spending in areas such as staffi... >>
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The 100 Largest Losses in the Hydrocarbon Industry
Marsh’s 24th edition of the 100 Largest Losses report explores the largest property losses in the hydrocarbon industry from 1974-2015 in an attempt to identify where the risks lie ... >>
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Benchmarking the Middle East Onshore Energy Industry: Strengths and Opportunities of an Energy Superpower
Middle Eastern energy facilities have strengthened their risk-quality position since 2013, with hardware a particular success story in the region, according to our report, Benchmar... >>
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Benchmarking the Asian Energy Market: Strengths and Opportunity
Asia’s energy sector continues to grow rapidly as consumer demand in the region increases. Our latest benchmarking report on energy companies reveals that Asian risk portfolios are... >>
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Mining Market Update 2016
The latest Mining Market Update features market commentary from the international markets for mining risks, and the key mining hubs of Australia, Canada, Latin America, South Afric... >>
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Global Risks: Geopolitical and Societal Risks Top Concerns for Organisations
Disruptive shifts in technology, geopolitics, societal expectations, and economic inequality are creating a new fragility in the world that is directly impacting how governments an... >>
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Terrorist Attacks in Paris Highlight Importance of Corporate Preparedness
The horrific terrorist attacks in Paris serve as a harsh reminder of the ever-present threat of mass violence and the importance of keeping your employees safe with integrated and ... >>
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Use of Insurance for M&A Deals Continues to Grow in 2015
Despite record use of transactional risk insurance in 2014, more companies are using insurance in M&A.... >>
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Global Insurance Regulatory and Premium Tax Update
Global insurance regulation and premium-related developments affecting insurance contracts procured by a multinational group.... >>
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Mid-Year Mining Market Update
The Mining Market Update reviews the strategic approach, capacity, and appetite of the world’s leading insurers of mining risks.... >>
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Greece’s Financial Troubles Could Disrupt Credit Insurance Market
Read Marsh’s guidance for businesses trading with Greece following its sovereign default. ... >>
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Greece Capital Controls: Risk and Insurance Considerations
Read Marsh’s guidance on the risk and insurance considerations of Greece’s sovereign default.... >>
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UAS Technology Could Make Manned Aviation Safer
UAS technology could one day be embedded into existing architectures used in manned aviation to enhance safety, according to Simon Jewell, Chairman of ASTRAEA.... >>
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Dawning of the Drones: The Evolving Risk of Unmanned Aerial Systems
The unmanned aerial systems industry’s rapid development is underpinned by the insurance market’s willingness to provide cover for deploying the technology.... >>
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The World of Captives: Growth and Opportunities without Borders
The new edition of our Captive Solutions Benchmarking Report explores how captives are being used strategically and identifies areas where captives may be underused.... >>
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Survey: The Impact of Private Equity Ownership on Risk Management
A survey of 50 C-suite executives at private equity owned companies on the impact private equity ownership has had on their risk management.... >>
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Three Risk Mitigation Steps amid Threats of Terrorism at Shopping Centres
Recent terrorist threats have cited shopping centres as targets, serving a sober reminder to operators and retailers to take steps to protect their businesses.... >>
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Annual Transactional Risk Report
The Annual Transactional Risk Report reveals how global demand for transactional risk insurance surged during 2014, helped by record demand in mature markets.... >>
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Bowring Marsh Power and Utilities Market Update
Bowring Marsh’s Power Market Update is provides an overview on current global insurance market conditions for power generation risks. ... >>
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Bowring Marsh Power and Utilities Market Update
Bowring Marsh's power insurance market update looks at power, property, casualty and terrorism insurance markets, as well as power generation risks.... >>
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Adviser: Is Your Property Underinsured?
Marsh has prepared this Adviser document to explain the impact of underinsurance, common calculation errors and the importance of professional valuations. ... >>
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Video: EMEA Insurance Market Report 2014
Watch video interviews with Marsh experts from the EMEA region discussing the insurance market trends highlighted in this year's EMEA Insurance Market Report.... >>
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World Economic Forum: Global Risks 2014
The World Economic Forum’s global risks report examines 31 global risks and evaluates them in terms of concern and potential impact.... >>
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Adviser: Preparing Your Business for Winter
Marsh Risk Consulting's Adviser document highlights how advance preparation can help mitigate winter weather impacts on your operations and business continuity.... >>
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EU Adviser – Data Protection Regulation
Following a vote by the EU's Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice & Home Affairs, far-reaching data protection regulation is a step closer to being introduced.... >>
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Marsh and ACE Reach Agreement to Give UK and Irish Domiciled Clients Improved Insurance Contract Terms and Conditions
Marsh launches ‘Marsh Principles’ clauses; reaches agreement with ACE to provide improved policy T&Cs to majority of UK and Irish domiciled clients.... >>
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Building the Case for Modernising Business Interruption Insurance: Marsh
According to Marsh, risk management and transfer need to improve organisational resilience, as firms grow more exposed to disasters and business interruption.... >>
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Favourable Outlook for EMEA Insurance Market in 2015: Marsh
According to Marsh’s 2015 EMEA Insurance Market Report, insurer competition continues to drive down rates and capacity remains abundant in many markets.... >>
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International Conflict Tops List of Global Risks in 2015
Geopolitical and societal risks dominate the World Economic Forum Global Risks 2015 report.... >>
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Marsh Acquires Aalst-Based Trade Insure NV
Marsh today announces the acquisition of Aalst-based Trade Insure NV, a leading distributor of credit insurance policies in Belgium. ... >>
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Marsh’s 2015 Political Risk Map Highlights Challenges for Foreign Investors
Geopolitical tension, political violence and separatist movements, coupled with falling commodity prices, are exacerbating political risk for foreign investors.... >>
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Marsh Executes On Commitment to Rapid Expansion of Marsh Analytics Platform
Enhancements to the Marsh Analytics Platform enable clients to quantify and manage risk financing; demonstrate firm’s commitment to deploy analytics globally.... >>
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European Trade Credit Insurance Claims Expected To Rise in 2014: Marsh
Trade credit insurance claims are expected to rise in EMEA in 2014, as more firms experience cashflow restrictions as they capitalise on economic growth.... >>
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Board Ownership of Cyber Risk Lags Behind Understanding of Threats
Board-level ownership of cyber risk remains low despite growing awareness and understanding of the threats among firms across the UK and Ireland.... >>
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Falling Property Rates Drive Global Insurance Price Fall in Q1: Marsh
Softening property insurance rates contributed to a decline in global insurance rates in Q1, according to Marsh’s Global Insurance Market Quarterly Briefing.... >>
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Favourable Conditions Continue To Prevail For EMEA Insurance Buyers
Marsh's annual Europe, Middle East, and Africa Insurance Market Report finds favourable conditions prevailing and economic pressures spurring innovation.... >>
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Global Insurance Pricing Declines in Fourth Quarter: Marsh
Latest Global Insurance Market Quarterly Briefing says insurance rates declined in the fourth quarter of 2013; US the only region with higher renewal rates.... >>
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Worsening Wealth Gap Seen as Biggest Risk Facing the World in 2014
World Economic Forum Global Risks 2014 report: The chronic income gap between the rich and poor is most likely to cause damage globally in the next decade.... >>